These two people just got a lot more Internet Security


The internet is a dangerous, lawless place. Or it could be, if you were wandering around the lesser-explored reaches of digital space. Don’t judge, it happens. One minute you’re looking at music videos on YouTube and the next you’re watch two people wallop each other with fully-grown tuna.

But the important thing when you go on these impromptu knowledge-gaining adventures (usually the lesson you learn is ‘Don’t go back there again’) is to make sure that your computer is protected as you hope through the sketchy, possibly-Russian part of the internet. Which is why we’re giving away a couple of copies of Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device 2017 — so you can continue your meanderings knowing that malware, spyware and the odd computer virus will just bounce off your machine.

But before we get to the winners there’s something we need to get out of the way. And it’s right below us. Ahhhh! Wait, that’s normal.

You can find most of our competition info on the Terms and Conditions page but there are a couple of items we like to get out of the way here. This is how the whole thing goes down every time we do one of these: Winner’s names are drawn randomly by a computer. Once the names (in this case) have been drawn, the entry is examined by a human to make sure it’s valid. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you were disqualified before you even started.

And our winners are:

Amukelani (that’s all we were given) and Sarel Broodryk

Congrats to our winners. You will be contacted shortly to confirm your details for your prize. As for everyone else who entered, stay tuned. We should have something new for you soon.


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