Are you a big enough Star Wars fan to drop R100,000 on a life-sized R2-D2?


We’re slightly fond of Star Wars here at Stuff and there’s at least one life-sized representation of the plucky little droid-that-could, R2-D2, right here in our offices. If only we made our money in a way other than talking about tech, though, as we might be able to afford this Sideshow-created R2 replica.

Clocking in at a mighty wallet-smashing $7,450 (R100,000, give or take), this is basically R2-D2. Except that it doesn’t move around as much. Which, for that price, you could be forgiven for thinking it should. Who are we kidding, it totally should.

Sideshow’s R2 unit collectible is basically a statue, albeit one that comes in four boxes and needed to be assembled on top of a very Star Wars-looking base. Its construction requires the services of two people, so that jealous Star Wars-loving friend will get to touch it at least once before you put it somewhere the kids, animals, and the elements can’t get it. Preferably a locked room, with the key kept around your neck next to the remote.

Right, because this R2-D2 is voiced. Kinda. The remote controls the lighting in the head, as well as a sound bank which lives in the droid’s body. Authentic sounds will give away that you’re ‘playing’ with it, unless you turn the volume way down. And honestly, who wants to go and do a thing like that.

Star Wars collectibles can’t be very far off from being the real deal, picked up at some dodgy market along with a neurotic translator robot. At this level of detail, we might expect Luke Skywalker himself to occasionally pop in to check out the little guy’s doing. Seriously though, that would be awesome.

And if you actually do have the cash for something like this, you can pre-order it here. Invite us over once it’s set up, okay?

Source: via Kotaku


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