Light Start – Microsoft’s mixed reality, Bugatti Chiron, Deadpool 2, and the ProTruly Darling


Microsoft’s going to be bringing mixed reality to the Xbox One in 2018

Sony has got the PlayStation VR on the market already so it’s not a stretch to expect that we should be seeing a similar response from Microsoft’s Xbox One range of products. As it happens, we will see something from Microsoft but we’re going to be seeing it next year. And it’ll have a lot more in common with the Hololens than with Sony’s straight VR hardware. Microsoft said last week at the Game Developer’s Conference that they would be bringing mixed reality to the Xbox One and the to-be-launched (this year) Project Scorpio in 2018. Mixed reality, in case you weren’t aware, is the practise of putting virtual objects into a real space — something that we’re absolutely dying to see in action in person. As to what it’ll all look like and what it’ll work with: Microsoft hasn’t said yet. But something like Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality Developer Edition headset (seen above) will probably be facilitating your mixed reality experience next year.

Source: The Next Web

Bugatti ships the first of its bonkers (in speed and price) Chiron vehicles to owners

We’ll say this for Bugatti — it’s able to make even video footage of cars being prepped for delivery look incredibly expensive. When you’re paying that much for a supercar, though, we suppose it’s to be expected. The first three of the new Chiron have shipped from the company’s Molsheim, France factory (if you can apply that word to the workspace where they make Bugattis for people who can afford them) and the company has released a little clip showing off the construction and testing that the vehicles undergo before they’re put on the road. Not track-testing, though we’d like to see a spot of that too. Rather, what the vehicles experience before they’re taken out of the workshop and sent to their new owners. Who better bloody drive the things. There’s no point in letting them just sit in a well-lit display area. Is there?

Source: Bugatti

In case you were confused about what kind of movie Deadpool 2 would be, here’s the teaser

If you were silly enough to take a kid of the screening of Deadpool, we bet you won’t be making that mistake again. If you were considering duplicating that error, perhaps this new Deadpool teaser will talk you out of it. As always, there’s a language warning so either wait till you’re alone or just own it and gather everyone around your desk. Deadpool, out of costume, sees an old man being mugged and hops into a phone booth to change. Cue several minutes of semi-nudity (seen through frosted glass) and a mugging victim who doesn’t survive the er… transaction. But then, Deadpool’s not a hero. Besides which, you’re going to be more interested in the background on this one. There are hints about the upcoming sequel (like Cable, otherwise known as Nathan Summers, pitching up), Stan Lee has yet another cameo, and there are a collection of other items that’ll give you hints about what’s to come when Deadpool 2 launches (because almost none of the actual events seen here are going to be in the final film, we’re pretty sure). The only thing we’re not told is when that will happen. We’re sure Pool will say something when a release date is set.

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The ProTruly Darling will feature a 360-degree camera, actual diamonds 

Perhaps you’re going to want this phone, perhaps you won’t. Either way, you’re probably going to think that it’s rather unique. And we’re not just talking about the name. The ProTruly Darling does have quite an interesting title but it’s the inclusion of a 360-degree camera that will really set it apart. That and the diamonds and gold that will be found in the R17,000 (depending on who you talk to) version of the phone. The handset will ship with a MediaTek CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a front and rear 13MP camera (set up so you can film or shoot 360-degree er… things) and a decent batter/fingerprint sensor combo, and it’s destined for China only, by the look of things. We’re a bit more used to higher-end expensive phones (looking at you, iPhone) but still, we’re looking at some actual attempts at camera innovation. If they can make the camera bulges smaller, though…

Source: The Verge


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