Nokia announces a raft of new phones, including a revamped 3310


After all that hype, it would have looked pretty silly if Nokia and their new hardware partner, HMD Global, didn’t announce the 3310. But of course they have, along with a set of other more modern handsets but it’s Nokia’s reborn basic device that we’ve come to see. Isn’t that so?

Anyone expecting a true-to-the-original re-release will be disappointed. So will anyone looking for a wholly modern take on the iconic Nokia 3310. Instead Nokia and HMD have given us a reimagining of the 3310, a streamlined design that harks back to the company’s original durable device, albeit one that looks like it was designed in this half of this decade. There are going to be four colour options (and the fact that we’re starting here should tell you something about the specs) available for the new 3310. There’s a bright Yellow and Warm Red, with Dark Blue and Grey for the more sedate users.

The handset’s monochrome screen has been updated, with a 2.4in QVGA screen holding pride of place in the specs list. It’ll have a very basic 2MP camera, a microSD slot, and will run Nokia’s Series 30+ software, making this a serious throwback — even with the new look thrown in. At least it’ll also play (an upgraded version of) Snake.

The battery is what you’re going to be after with this one. Nokia’s claiming 22-hours of talk time and 31 DAYS(!) on standby. At a price of 49 Euro (R670), the new 3310’s Q2 2017 launch can’t come soon enough. As for the rest of Nokia’s newly-announced phones, the Nokia 6, 5, and 3… we’ll get to those in due time. Stay tuned.


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