Galaxy S8+ specs leaked, Galaxy S8 sighted in the real world


Do you want to know what the specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ are? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have moved past the headline and on to this article. As it happens we have that information, thanks to noted mobile phone leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks).

Blass revealed in a tweeted image (above) the apparent specifications for Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ handset and the first thing that should be jumping out at you is the size of the handset. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that the S8+ is out for the Note line’s blood. Maybe it is. A 6.2in Super AMOLED display is a bit larger than we’ve come to expect from even an oversized flagship.

Even so, it all sounds good. On paper, at least. Quad HD+ resolution, dual 12MP rear cameras (which were already excellent on the S7), an 8MP front-facer, IP68 rating, an iris scanner, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage, with wireless charging and AKG headphones sounds pretty good. Even if this reads like a marketing highlight reel for average people — which is what makes Blass’ leak seem believable. That and his track record of late.

As for the standard Galaxy S8, we might not have to wait for Samsung’s New York event to get a peek at the phone. It might have surfaced online (Note the ‘might’. Note it hard). A series of images have appeared on Twitter, apparently leaked by a Chinese company that makes protective films for handsets.

If this is indeed the Galaxy S8 then it matches up with what rumours are saying about the device. There’s no physical Home button and the screen has been pushed to the outer edges harder than previous handsets have managed. It’s the image’s provenance that gives us pause — they seem to have popped up on a Twitter account that has only been active for about a month. Still, if it’s correct then they’ve managed a large scoop. That, and the images below are indeed Samsung’s big New York surprise.

Either way, Samsung is expected to put all rumours to bed at their event planned for either late March or early April, once all the hype from Mobile World has died down. As usual, we’ll be waiting to see what they have to say and, more importantly, to catch any more slip-ups on the way.

Source: NDTVThe Verge


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