This rideable hoverbike might take a leg as payment for your trip


Don’t get us wrong, the second there’s an actual hoverbike on the market we’ll be among the first in line for a test-drive. But while the experimental versions, like Russian drone-maker Hoversurf’s Scorpion-3 hoverbike, are doing the rounds we’ll probably let someone else go first.

Hoversurf recently released a video showing their Scorpion-3 hoverbike prototype, which owes a substantial portion of its DNA to the humble quad-copter, in action. It was being test-flown inside a large, mostly empty warehouse, which is how we like to see our controlled conditions. The rider wears enough safety gear to protect against a high-speed motorcycle tumble too, which is definitely a good idea.

That’s because the Scorpion-3 might owe the rest of its DNA to an actual scorpion, or at least another creature able to remove a limb with a snip of its claws (it’d be a BIG scorpion, okay?). The four rotors that Hoversurf is using for lift are all exposed, meaning that if the rider takes a tumble he’s going into a spinning propeller somewhere along the line.

The hoverbike won’t stay like this, of course. It’s easy enough to see that the test could have been conducted using just a basic framework and the panels that have been installed are mostly there to make the ‘bike look good on camera. That’s how flight innovation should work — one crazy person tests the new thing without safety features until enough are being made to finally install them.

According to the company the Scorpion-3 at least regulates altitude and speed via software, while the frame construction was inspired by high-end motorcycles. Honestly, we’d totally ride one of these. Even right now, with the bare props whipping around next to our legs. It’d be worth it.

Source: The Verge


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