Apple to announce iPad refresh, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 variation in March – report


We haven’t seen a proper iPad refresh in a while, with the last announcement taking place in March 2016. Even then, that was the reveal of the 9.7in iPad Pro — worthy of Apple stage time but only just. This year, according to reports, Apple’s going to have something a bit more substantial for us: A whole lot more iPad news, including a refresh of the Mini 4.

Rather, we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more iPad Pros. Japanese Apple-watcher MacOtakara claims that Apple will be using its upcoming March event to announce refreshes or updates to its entire iPad line. Pro versions of the 12.9in, 9.7in (both of which already exist), 10.5in (which would be new), and 7.9in (replacing the Mini, it seems) iPad are supposedly on the cards for next month.

The new report fits in, mostly, with previous claims that Apple would have a 12.9in, 10.5in, and 9.7in iPad for us this year. The 7.9in version is new information, though as with any rumour it might be incorrect. Be that as it may…

If all those tablet choices don’t grab you then how about a red iPhone 7? A touch gaudier than Apple is typically known for, the company is nonetheless expected to reveal a bright red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Just how bright and how red the phones will be hasn’t been explained but we’re hoping to see something as shiny and glossy as the Jet Black phone — so… very red indeed then.

A 128GB version of the iPhone SE, for all of those photo hoarders out there, might also be on the menu for Apple’s March 2017 event. If, that is, MacOtakara‘s sources have the right of it. Apple, being typically Apple, won’t say anything for or against the reports so we’re just going to have to wait.

Source: via MacRumours


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