LG’s G6 to arrive packing dual 13MP cameras


We already know a fair amount about the LG G6’s appearance, what the display will be like, and that it will have a fantastic battery (LG says). And now we have more than a vague idea what sort of camera the G6 is going to be packing.

The LG G6 is going to sport two 13MP rear cameras, according to LG. The information was detailed on the company’s Korean-language blog, which goes on to explain that the G6’s front camera will have a 100-degree field of view. The dual 13MP pair at the back will have a larger FOV, clocking in at 125-degrees. It may not seem like much but the extra width — which will be supplied by one of the two cameras — will result in more impressive social media snaps.

LG detailed a few other camera features, like the 360-degree panorama mode, a food mode (for shooting food — something that hipsters don’t do any more) designed to improve saturation, and a square camera mode that will offer a preview of your last shot next to the in-action viewfinder.

LG’s official reveal is set to come on 26 February, along with everyone else’s newest mobile announcements (except Samsung’s). We’ve seen that there are screen and camera tweaks on the way — now we want to see what LG has been holding in reserve.

Source: LG (Korean) via The Verge


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