These could be the (full) specs for Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S2 tablet


At this point we’re wondering: Is Samsung ever going to keep a new device a secret until launch again? Specs for the company’s Galaxy TabPro S2 have leaked, by way of a document originating from an FCC filing.

Someone is always watching these things. In this case website The Leaker (what an apt name, right?) was on hand to catch all of the specs for the TabPro S2, Samsung’s upcoming Windows tablet. This isn’t the tablet that Samsung is supposed to be launching at this year’s Mobile World Congress; this is an altogether different beast.

And ‘beast’ is the right term. The TabPro S2 is said to be packing enough power to make your notebook nervous. Kabylake processors from Intel, 4GB of RAM (the sole concession to portability, it seems), a 12in 2,166 x 1,440 display and a 128GB SSD put this Windows 10 device on solid footing against some of Apple’s MacBook versions.

Windows 10 Home and Pro models, both with and without 4G support, are reportedly planned. The full set of specs, by way of The Leaker, is below.

As The Verge points out, this set of specs isn’t set in stone, no matter how official it might look as an image. It is possible that Samsung’s Windows-powered tablet will launch with a slightly different set of specs, if it even launches at all. This is the first indication that the Galaxy TabPro S2 exists, after all. If it does, it’s definitely not a secret any more.

Source: The Leaker via The Verge


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