Light Start – Stranger Things to return, Guardians 2, PS4 gets some space, and Amazon’s drones


All right you crazy fans, Stranger Things will be back around Halloween with Season 2

If you’re anything like the Stuff folks then Netflix Original Stranger Things blew you away in 2016. Right after our single-day binge we were asking “When is the next season going to be out?” We’ve got an answer, thanks to the Netflix Superbowl ad for Stranger Things — Season Two. We’re going to be heading to the Upside Down (or it’s heading here, we’re not really sure) come Halloween. That’s the end of October, if you’re not a pagan, which is still quite a wait. But now we’ve got an actual time, so we’re feeling a little better about life.

Source: Netflix

In case you’re still not sold, here’s the newest Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer. We tried. 

If, like a certain Craig Wilson who will remain nameless, you have yet to watch the first Guardians of the Galaxy, go on out and correct that oversight right now. For everyone else keen on the antics of Star-Lord, Drax, Groot, Gamora and the rest of the Guardians, here’s a little appetiser from Marvel. It’s everything that the final film will be: Great music, action, humour, more action, and if there’s a story in there it’s not going to take itself overly seriously. May is going to be a good month.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is going to be supporting external hard drives, at long freaking last

Sony’s PlayStation 4, no matter whether you have the original, Slim, or the Pro, is a great piece of tech. Except for one tiny little item — storage. And getting more storage into your machine has been a bother but it’s about to become less so. Sony will be adding in external storage support with an upcoming firmware upgrade. Firmware 4.5 will add support for external USB 3.0 drives up to 8TB in capacity; more than enough space to install your entire library of games without cracking the console open to swap out the drive. Which is totally an option but it’ll be much more pleasant to just save everything from save games to installation data on an external. The beta upgrade is out already so expect some new features soon.

Source: Ars Technica

Amazon teases drone deliveries ‘soon’ in Echo ad

So about those drone deliveries we keep hearing about? Yeah, Amazon’s teasing Prime Air deliveries in actual broadcast advertisements now, meaning that they’re looking at a limited rollout of their drone-powered delivery service in the very near future. In the ten-second ad spot (see the link below), a user places an order for Doritos via the Amazon Echo, with the package being sent by a drone. Specifics? Yeah, we’re short on those and we suspect that the service is going to be highly limited at first and perhaps a little gimmicky. But we’d totally order those drone-delivered chips if we could.

Source: Amazon


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