Lego launches Lego Life, its own social network aimed at kids


Just about everyone has their own social network. Hipsters and food photographers have Instagram, old people have Facebook, the younger crowd has Snapchat and the permanently-terrified have Twitter. What about the much younger set, though? Right, now they have Lego Life.

Lego Life has been made for kids who are Lego fans and under the age of 13. As such, the available features are quite specifically targeted. Kids will be able to create their own Lego avatar, share images of their Lego builds, and participate in Lego challenges, among other activities. Like liking and commenting on other people’s work in the search for fake internet points.

It’s a bit like Instagram for Lego, with the added advantage that parents will have little to worry about concerning appropriate content. Images that are uploaded are checked (by a human being, we’re guessing) to make sure that there are no human beings in the shot. Lego creations need to stand alone and be appropriate so making certain Lego… appendages… probably won’t make it past moderation.

And what else would you find on a Lego-based social network? Besides builds in progress and requests for assistance, we’d imagine that this video of a Raspberry Pi-powered Lego robot (that is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube) would prove to be quite popular. If a little difficult to build for most sub-13-year-olds.

The social network is a bit geographically limited at present. The app is available on Android and iOS in the US, UK, Canada, and a handful of European countries.

Source: The Verge


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