This is what the Nintendo Switch will cost in South Africa


Nintendo’s new Switch console has been a long time coming, with details for the portable/living room hardware dropping earlier this month. The only thing missing was the price for South African gamers and now… that has been taken care of too.

Pricing info on the Nintendo’s Switch hardware (and a crop of accessories as well as, yes, a couple of games) comes by way of online retailer Takealot. The two version of the Switch console, in grey (the one that looks like a small dog) and the neon blue and red edition (the one that looks like a small, sick dog), come in at R5,300 if you’re pre-ordering for a 3 March arrival. Standard pricing? After the pre-order discount falls away, it’ll cost R5,600 for the console.

You’re going to need a game to go with that and there is pricing for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The stock edition is R880, while the Limited Edition will set you back R1,300. Oh, but the extras… Party game 1-2-Switch will cost players R600 at launch.

Takealot also lists a full set of accessories, from wrist-straps for the controllers (R100) to a complete new set of Joy-Con controllers (R1,300). As usual, Ninty’s extra controllers are not going to be cheap. We’re keen on March. Launch day cannot come soon enough.

Source: SA Gamer


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