BlackBerry’s Mercury handset will be revealed 25 February


We’ve been hearing about BlackBerry’s Mercury handset for a while and while it won’t be the company’s last internally-made phone (that time, it seems, has passed) it almost certainly will be their final wholly in-house design.

Mercury has since popped up from time to time, with specification leaks doing the rounds at intervals, but now we’ve got something more useful than just a teaser. BlackBerry will be doing an official reveal of the handset on 25 February — just before Mobile World Congress 2017 kicks off.

We’ve already got a collection of specs that may or may not be accurate. A 4.5in display, QWERTY keyboard (okay, we know this one is coming), Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM and an 18MP rear camera are a few details that have persisted over the last few months. An 8MP front camera and Android 7.0 Nougat are also supposed to make up part of the parts roster.

Come 25 February the company will finally stop us from guessing what we’re going to be getting. Hopefully we’ll also find out where and when we can finally get our hands on their newest QWERTY handset, as well as an approximate price. We’re not hopeful about South African pricing right out of the gate.

Source: BlackBerry (Twitter)


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