Could this be our very first look at the LG G6?


Is this what the LG G6 is going to look like when we get our first (official) look at it at this year’s Mobile World Congress? Sources say yes and if they’re correct then we’re looking forward to seeing the handset in the flesh.

Why? Well, we already know a few things about the phone, most notably the display oddities that are in store for users. What we don’t know is much about the phone’s internal workings but it should be on par, more or less, with the competition. The company is pulling back from their modular ambitions, so that’s one less thing to expect. What this image leak tells us is that the LG G6 is going to look rather different from the last five in the series.

How so? Well, if you’re paying attention you’ll see that LG appears to have dropped the plastic body in favour of metal and glass. That’s also the word according to The Verge‘s source (where this image first appeared). The result is a more stylish handset from LG. At least, that’s the case with the half that we can see. A headphone jack (suck it, Apple) and waterproofing are also features on the way for 2017.

If LG is opting for a metal/glass redesign we’ll certainly welcome it. A more premium feel won’t hurt the flagship but there will be at least one loss, possibly more, as a result. The ability to remove your battery will likely be gone from the G6 and there will be very little, if any, modular capability. Them’s the breaks, we guess. Unchanged, according to the report, is the rear button layout that LG’s devices are known for, as well as the dual camera arrangement. So that’s something.

All will be revealed on 26 February, when LG er… reveals the all-new LG G6. We’ll be there and taking notes, so stay tuned.

Source: The Verge


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