Super Mario Run sprints on to Android in March


One of the biggest surprises, amazingly, of Apple’s iPhone 7 presentation last year was the announcement of Super Mario Run, the first true Nintendo-made mobile game. Apple got the announcement because the title was launching on iOS, obviously. That instantly prompted the question: When is Android getting it?

The answer? March. That’s the official word according to the official Nintendo Twitter account. It’s a bit of a wait, considering that the iOS folks have been playing for a while now, but it should prove to be worth the time. Reviews for the title have been solid up till now, though some mobile users are balking at having to actually pay for a game.

The deceptively simple game isn’t the last of Nintendo’s properties to hit the mobile market. There are a raft of others, with the most recently confirmed being Fire Emblem Heroes (which lands on Android and iOS on 2 February) and a little something from the Animal Crossing franchise seems to be next up to bat. We’re already looking forward to those two.

If you want to be one of the first to get your grubby paws on Super Mario Run on Android then head on to the Google Play Store page and pre-register. We’re sure that Nintendo’s little red-clad plumber will appreciate the interest.

Source: Nintendo (Twitter) via The Verge


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