The LG G6 will look a little longer than expected, won’t explode (says LG)


What with all the talk of Apple’s new iPhone and Samsung’s next shot at a Galaxy flagship, it seems that the LG G6 is getting off light. Nobody’s really talking about it, which you could argue is a double-edged sword for LG. Sure, you get to keep your secrets but… nobody’s talking about your device.

We can change that up, though, as there is a dribble of information out there concerning the LG G6. LG is backing away from the modular design of the LG G5, which was a novel but not especially exciting choice to have made. Instead, they’re opting for an unusual display.

How unusual? LG is going to be introducing something that they call a QHD+ resolution¬†with the G6. It’s like QHD, which the South Korean companies favour for their high-end devices, except it’s a bit longer than the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio we tend to see on phones. QHD+ is basically an 18:9 (or 2:1) aspect ratio, which adds a little more length to the device.

The point, and here we have to do some guesswork, is likely to add a strip of always-on display without taking away from any of the existing screen real estate. Several LG handsets of late, notably the V10 and V20 devices, have experimented with a similar feature — it’s possible we’ll see wider adoption when the LG G6 launches later this year.

As an added shot across Samsung’s bow, LG has recently¬†started touting the device’s heat dissipation, saying that the G6 will not be subject to the same issues as 2016’s Galaxy Note 7. They’re achieving this, apparently, by using copper heat pipes to speed heat away from batteries, a move which will “…significantly improve the safety and quality of our new flagship smartphones”. Having said this they’d better pull this one off, or they’re going to have all the egg on their faces. All of it.

Source: The Verge, Engadget


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