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So you want to learn how to fly drones but you can’t bring yourself to spend good money on something that you’re just going to destroy by flying  into a tree, or a wall, or a moving car… Well, we’ve got a drone for you. Or, rather, Aerodyne RC does.

Aerodyne has come up with a carbon fiber monocoque racing drone, called the Nimbus 195, that they’re supporting on IndieGoGo at the moment. The engineering that has gone in to this speedy little critter means that it’s harder to destroy than most drones you can order online — the egg-shaped central area is difficult to crush. They know, they’ve tried.

Seriously, hit up the Nimbus 195’s crash video below, where the creators purposely fly the little guy into the wall as hard as they can. They also slam it into trees, run it over with a car, dunk it in (shallow) water and plop it down into snow, just to prove how resilient the racing drone is. Just… mind the music in the video. You may want to turn your speakers down.

And once you’ve been convinced hit up the IndieGogo campaign, which is in search of $30,000. Right now the campaign stands on $7,250. Those who have some experience and a bunch of the required parts at home can spring for the frame only, which will cost $190 (R2,570), plus shipping. If you’re hoping to get an all-in-one system to learn on, it’s going to cost you… but you also will have a hard time breaking it. The RTF (ready-to-fly) package will cost $750 (R10,150), plus shipping.

Source: Gizmodo


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