Nokia teases an Android announcement for 26 February


Nokia’s reentry into the smartphone market, with Android phones filling out the roster rather than those brightly-coloured Windows Phone devices, has definitely got us excited and now we’ve got another date to look forward to. The company has teased, via a Facebook post, an announcement date where we should hear more about the company’s plans for the near future.

Below you’ll see the teaser video for the Nokia 6, which has already been confirmed for launch in China. According to the company there will be more announced on 26 February but it’s not immediately clear whether we’re only going to hear more about the Nokia 6 or if there are more handsets on the horizon. Either way, it should kick off MWC 2017 with a bang.

Obviously we’re hoping that there is a broader announcement taking place, preferably with a higher-spec device being set for launch somewhere that isn’t China (and somewhere we can buy one). This seems to be the mostly likely turn of events.

Nokia has said that the Nokia 6 is a China-only device, so we’re not going to hear anything about a launch outside that country at MWC 2017 and we doubt they would tease announcements just to give us a launch date. A new flagship, then? Somewhere close? Pretty please?

Source: Facebook via The Verge


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