Light Start – SpaceX is go, HTC Ocean leak, NES Classic hacked, and Diablo 3 darkens


SpaceX is cleared for launch following launchpad explosion

If you’re playing the home game you might remember that SpaceX’s last launch had an explosive ending when a rocket ignited on the launch pad. An extensive investigation followed and the results are in — SpaceX is allowed to launch rockets again. The company was set to loft their first in months later today but the launch has been delayed to 14 January, thanks to the expectation of poor weather over the California launch zone for the next few days. Once the conditions are right, the company will be launching an Iridium NEXT satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base, according to the FAA. We’ll go back to space-watching now, okay?

Source: via The Verge

The HTC Ocean’s promotional video has leaked ahead of launch 

HTC has a new handset on the way, or rather a series of them. And if you want an early look then you can hit the link below and check out the promotional video for the HTC Ocean, which details a very usual side-controlled interface. And a happy couple, by the looks of things. There’s an official reveal of the Ocean (which will have the Ocean Master, Note and Smart under its banner) set for later this week but we’re almost convinced we’re not going to see this one here in SA. HTC’s record for our country is spotty, at best. That’s a massive bummer, since the Ocean actually looks innovative enough to raise some eyebrows. We’ll know more about the device this Thursday.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

Nintendo’s NES Classic hacked to add more games

This was almost bound to happen. Nintendo’s highly popular re-release from 2016, the NES Classic Edition, has been hacked. The purpose of the hack, in this particular case, was to add new games to the original listing of 30 classic Ninty titles from back in the day. As with many other Nintendo hardware hacks, this one relies on a save file (from one of the included games) and a bit of messing around with the system’s files. Get it right and you’ll be able to upload (technically illegal) ROMs to the NES Classic as well as some artwork. Get it wrong and you’ll be looking at a limited edition piece of plastic that used to play old school Nintendo games. You can find information on how to perform the hack at the link below but, as with all things of this nature, attempt it at your own risk.

Source: via Ars Technica

Brush off your nostalgia, The Darkening of Tristram is now live in Diablo 3

Diablo has turned 20. The game, that is, and for those of you feeling your age right about now, that’s okay. Because of the large anniversary, Blizzard has made a few changes to Diablo 3 (as well as all of the other Blizzard titles now live). A special event, known as the Darkening of Tristram, is now live in Diablo 3. Long story short, players have a chance to head back to the original Diablo, which has been recreated in the third outing. The difference this time is that existing classes will be able to traipse through the original location, stomping hard on the forces of Hell in glorious RetroVision. For a more complete rundown of what to expect (as well as an explanation concerning why it was done), hit up the video above.

Source: Polygon


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