This could well be our first look at the Galaxy S8


What you’re looking at here could be the first image of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to make it through the rumour mill. It could also be a very detailed hoax which uses a Galaxy S7 Edge, suitably modified, to impersonate Sammy’s upcoming flagship handset.

If it is a hoax then this image looks the part. The Galaxy S8 is said to be packing a curved screen and the bezels are smaller than usual — something else that Samsung is supposed to be doing this time around. Both features are apparent here and, as GSM Arena points out, the onscreen text matches up with reports that Samsung is testing the S8 in China at the moment.

The lone front-on image, assuming it’s accurate, doesn’t tell us a whole lot new about the Galaxy S8 but we’ve been all but buried under leaks for the Galaxy S8 for the last few months. The only really noteworthy thing is the lack of capacitive buttons on the screen (that we can see, anyway). Samsung may be trying something new with the design there (or the photoshopper was feeling lazy). Just about all of the other specs have been detailed by someone or other so far, with a launch predicted in the next month or two.

It’s this last point which most makes us think that this image leak could well be accurate. Testing has to be underway for a final or near-final model of the phone so it’s possible that the Galaxy S8 is bumbling around in the wild, waiting for someone to take its picture. Either way, the Galaxy S8 should be popping up for real just prior to this year’s MWC. We don’t have long to wait.

Source: via GSM Arena


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