Meet Razer’s Project Valerie, a gaming notebook with three screens


‘Three screens?’, we hear you scornfully say. ‘That’s nothing, I’ve run three screens on a laptop before.’ Not the way that Project Valerie, a concept machine from gaming gear maker Razer, uses them you haven’t.

Generally speaking, if you want to run three screens from a gaming notebook they have to be external monitors. Current GPU tech supports this but it’s an awfully expensive, and bulky, proposition. Razer’s Project Valerie, on the other hand, aims to give users a similar experience while integrating all three screens into the notebook.

The result is a laptop packing three 17.3in 4K screens, resulting in what Razer calls “…the greatest amount of screen real estate ever assembled in a single computer.” They’re not wrong, assuming you’re talking about integrated displays.

Valerie is on display at CES 2017 and the concept machine is based on the Razer Blade Pro. It’s a bit thicker, since it has to accommodate three IGZO displays, and each screen has Chroma lighting behind it. Because they can, we guess. The setup is only powered by a single GeForce GTX 1080, which isn’t really enough to let this system take on high-end gaming with all three screens but we get the idea that Razer has mostly done this just because they can. Sorta. It doesn’t have to be wholly functional yet.

As we said, Project Valerie is just a concept for the moment so there’s still time to tweak the hardware formula. It’s not slated for production any time soon, though Razer claims that they will be bringing it to market at some point. They haven’t given any indication when that might be or what we can expect to pay once that happens, however. Our guess? Well, remember how Acer is charging over R120,000 for that Predator 21 X? Um… yeah. Somewhere around there.

Source: Kotaku, The Next Web


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