The world’s largest flash drive is the 2TB Kingston Ultimate GT


Does anyone remember when a 128MB flash drive would cost you well over a grand? Just us? Ah well… we kind of wish that we could tell our past selves that a day would come when we could be toting around something like the newly-revealed USB 3.0 DataTraveler Ultimate GT from Kingston.

That’s because the Ultimate GT features enough flash storage to choke a desktop PC. The drive, which claims to be the “…world’s highest capacity USB flash drive”, is available in two sizes. You could plump for the 1TB model, or double that and go for a solid 2TB of USB 3.0 flash storage. That’s a whole lot of Word documents.

We’re not going to ask how many computers you’re going to be backing up on the larger of this pair but since the average entry-level notebook in SA ships with a 500GB drive, we’re going to say ‘At least four.’ The high-capacity drives are encased in a zinc-alloy shell, because you really don’t want to wreck this thing. The Ultimate GT uses a USB 3.1 connector so Mac users are going to need an adaptor to plug it into Apple’s newest notebook hardware. Boo.

Costing for the big little drives has not been announced but there’s no doubt that it’s going to cost (considerably) more than a paltry R1,000. We should know more about the price closer to the February 2017 launch date but it’ll likely still be cheaper to use a similarly-sized portable hard drive for a while yet. Even if it won’t slip into your pocket quite so easily.

Source: The Verge


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