Acer’s 21-inch Predator 21 X will set you back (at least) R120,000


Back in September 2016 Acer revealed the Predator 21 X, the world’s first curved gaming notebook. Why you’d want something like that is between you and your conscience but if you were hoping to be the first of your social circle to wield Acer’s insanely high-end 21in notebook hardware then you might want to sit down. The company announced the pricing for the 21 X at CES 2017 and the cost is… substantial.

It turns out our original cost estimate for Acer’s unusual hardware was way down. We knew that Acer was going to exceed R50,000 for the Predator 21 X, we weren’t expecting the price to more than double that. The American pricing of $9,000 clocks in at R123,000 plus change in South African terms; and that’s not counting any markup in the local market. Um… ouch.

It is worth noting that having a gaming notebook cost the same as a small car isn’t that unusual for South Africa and it’s not like you’re getting shafted in the hardware department either. Acer’s Predator novelty packs in that curved 21in curved 2,560 x 1,080 display, something that definitely jacks up the price. There’s also an Intel Core i7-7820HK Kaby Lake CPU, 64GB of RAM, dual GTX 1080 graphics processors and enough space for five hard drives — a 1TB conventional spinner and then four (up to, we assume) 512GB SSDs.

A mechanical keyboard, combination trackpad-numpad (which can be flipped to switch between functions), and a hefty dose of speakers round out the features. All told, the Predator 21 X is set to weigh in at almost 9kg. At that price, we’d kind of expect the heft. The machine launches, in the US, in February. We’ll let you know the moment it lands here.

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