Stuff Magazine wishes everyone a very happy festive season


No matter what you’re celebrating this festive season, and even if you’re celebrating nothing more than not being at work for a few days, Stuff Magazine wants to wish each and every one of our readers (even the really super-new ones) a very happy holiday. Or festive season. Or… you get the idea. We’re not going into specifics, you’re all awesome and important.

We’re getting quite close to the culmination of the festive season for a large chunk of South Africa, which explains why this festive season greeting is appearing now. Some of you are expecting a visit from someone dressed a lot like the fellow in the image above but hopefully you don’t get that guy specifically. That’s 47, from Square Enix’s Hitman, but you should be okay. He tends to only make life difficult for arms dealers and the like. He does also save Christmas, though, in this year’s free downloadable content called Holiday Hoarders.

Gaming distraction aside, we hope that everyone gets the gifts they were hoping for this year. Whether it is that shiny piece of tech you’ve been eying all year (or since Apple’s September press conference) or just some time spent with your families, we hope that you enjoy it.

In the meantime, don’t forget that our competition lines are still open so you can get an entry in for a DStv Explora or HD Decoder while you’re taking some time off. We’ll be announcing the winner just as soon as we get back in action for 2017. Have a great holiday everyone. See you soon.


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