Light Start – Grand Tour pirates, disabling Note 7, Super Nintendo World, and Fate of the Furious


The Grand Tour racks up an impressive number of illegal downloads

If torrent downloads are an indication of popularity (and that’s not always the case. Sometimes companies just really annoy the internet) then The Grand Tour must be very popular indeed. The Amazon Prime-exclusive motoring show featuring those three fellows who used to headline that one British show has been setting records for illegal downloads. The first episode, which was bloody expensive to make, has racked up 7.9 million downloads. So far. The second episode stands on 6.4 million and 4.6 million for the third. That’s… an awful lot of people who aren’t paying Amazon for access to the antics of Clarkson and co. The largest chunk of pirates, apparently, originates from Britain. Never would have seen that one coming.

Source: Jalopnik

Samsung disabling American Note 7 handsets from 19 December

Note 7 recallSamsung has seen a lot of response to their American Note 7 recall, with the company saying that they’ve scooped in 93% of handsets sold so far. Samsung’s after 100% completion on this little side-quest, though, so Samsung’s going to be releasing a little software update from 19 December. An update that “…will prevent U.S. Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.” That’s one way to get someone’s attention. At the very least, it should get the last holdouts to bring their handsets in to a store where they can be told about the massive recall that they’ve somehow missed.

Source: Samsung via Ars Technica

Super Nintendo World is heading to Universal Theme Parks

Nintendo is going to be teaming up with Universal Studios, in case you didn’t know, in order to bring some of their iconic (and colourful) virtual worlds to life in various theme parks around the world. We’re not sure just what they have in store but we’ve seen the first concept graphics (above) and it looks like Super Nintendo World is going to be a thing. We’re expecting life-sized Mario, Luigi, and Peach characters and if there isn’t a reproduction of World 1.1 with trampolines instead of a floor then we’re going to consider it an opportunity wasted. Still, a Nintendo theme park sounds like just the sort of place we’d spend out time. Parks will be mushrooming up in Osaka, Japan, as well as Los Angeles and Orlando in the States. It’ll take a while before they come on-line but we’re already keen.

Source: Nintendo

The Fate of the Furious is a film you’re going to watch, whether you admit it or not

We’re not sure how invested you all are in the Fast and the Furious series of films but since this is the eighth outing we have to conclude that they’re doing something right. The newest film, called Fate of the Furious, pulls a very large twist and makes series stalwart Dom the bad guy alongside Charlize Theron, who is some kind of technological terrorist…? Okay then… It’s going to be an excuse for cars, explosions, a submarine, unlikely escapes, a bar-fight using cars (not in an actual bar), and a whole mess of other high-octane shenanigans. Yeah, we’ll be watching this one. And so will you, because there are only two sorts of people in the world. Those who watch The Fast and the Furious and those who lie about it.

Source: Fast and the Furious


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