Got a new MacBook Pro? You also have a piano, thanks to the Touch Bar


We’ve seen Apple’s new MacBook Pro and protests about the ports aside (that’s a topic for another day but… can we have some ports, please, Apple?), people seem to be having a lot of fun with the Touch Bar.

The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar has played host to Nyan Cat as well as games of Doom (the original one) but here’s something a little more practical. A working keyboard, of the musical instrument type. The MacBook Pro already ships with a working keyboard of the user interface type.

The Touch Bar Piano is the creation of one Graham Parks and adds a full polyphonic keyboard to your Pro’s LED strip. The addition, which can be downloaded for free here, allows users to swap between 128 different musical instruments — all of which can be played with the teeny little virtual keys on the Touch Bar. If that’s your thing, anyway.

Of course we wouldn’t recommend buying a new MacBook Pro just to turn the Touch Bar into a (rather limited) musical instrument. It’d be far cheaper to just buy yourself a keyboard (which can start at a little over R4,000 and will have full-sized keys — unless you’ve really been ripped off) than to drop R32,700 for the base-level Touch Bar-featuring MacBook Pro. But if you already have one… why not?

Source: Engadget


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