Meet the South Africans making next year’s Bloodhound SSC run possible


Sometimes we get so caught up in tech that we forget that actual people are behind the things that make us ooh and aah all the time. The folks from Hakskeenpan, who have done phenomenal work clearing the test area for the Bloodhound SSC record attempt set to take place next year, are just one example of the people that we sometimes don’t give enough credit. And these South Africans, living in some of the poorest conditions in our country, deserve it.

Sending a massive jet-engined vehicle like the Bloodhound SSC zooming across a South African salt pan is one thing but it wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of the residents of Mier, who cleared the 20km long track area of small stones that could derail the record attempt. Clearing the very extensive area by hand, no less.

The team behind Bloodhound haven’t forgotten these people, introducing them to us in this video that recognises their contribution to the world land-speed record attempt.

Bloodhound’s director of communications Richard Knight said “The record attempts are expected to attract over 18,000 people to the area throughout the record attempts, which will be broadcast live, and covered by over 200 international journalists.”

“We’ve already seen immense interest in the project, and benefits to the community are only expected to increase as the record runs get closer.”

Which is a very good thing for those who are living and working near the Hakskeenpan proving ground. We’ll be seeing the fruits of their labour in the third quarter of 2017, with a final run expected in early November 2017. Stay tuned.


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