Why yes, the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar can run Doom


Old-school shooters are prime candidates for running on hardware that was never intended to run said gaming, with the original Doom being high on the list of games being used in places it shouldn’t be. Like smartwatches and other things that consist of a rudimentary display. Sure enough, right on cue someone has demonstrated that the demon-killing shooter works just dandy on the new MacBook Pro. Or, rather, on the new MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar.

This hack is courtesy of Adam Bell, an iOS developer who put in the time to convert iD Software’s shooter to a format that it never should have supported. The end result is… well, the end result is this.

If you squint at the Touch Bar in the video above you’ll see that Doom is running just fine on the ultra-wide LED display adorning Apple’s newest notebook. Seriously, the resolution is 2,170 x 60 which is a little bit hard on the eyes. Even so, we can still make out Doom Guy putting holes in very stretched-out enemies.

macbook-pro-doomA slightly more useful version of Doom on the Touch Bar (but only slightly) was also executed by Bell. The classic HUD strip can be displayed on Apple’s innovation but that does mean that you’re risking death when you’re looking down at how many shotgun shells you have left. Looks awful pretty, though.

Source: The Verge


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