These are the specs you’ll need to run Microsoft’s Windows 10 VR headsets


Microsoft has got a series of Windows 10 VR headsets coming up, with a reveal expected to show up in December. The devices are expected to feature lower system requirements than the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, something that seems to have been confirmed by the latest build of Windows 10.

The required specs for the as-yet unseen VR headsets have been detailed by an app called Windows Holographic First Run and they’re definitely in reach of more PCs than Facebook and Steam’s higher-end solutions.

windows-10-vr-specsThe Verge points out that, following a set of testing with the Microsoft benchmark app, which is designed to assess whether a computer can handle Windows 10 VR, a fairly basic setup is all you’ll need. The only really onerous bit is a DirectX 12-supporting video card and there are a whole lot of those on the market already. Otherwise, a USB 3.0-supporting system (we’re assuming for the interface itself), 4GB of RAM and a quad-core processor are the boxes you’re going to need to tick. That’s… not too bad, really.

The Microsoft-branded VR headsets, according to the company, will start off at $300 (R4,300), meaning that the hardware itself will also be cheaper than the Vive or Oculus. Requiring a lower-end PC as well as being easier on the pocket might be enough to offset what will likely be a very different function. Microsoft’s tech looks to be based on the Hololens R&D, for the most part, which could lead to a different user experience at the end of the day.

Now we’re definitely looking forward to the dual December reveal events, where we’ll learn more about Microsoft’s VR hardware. We’ll keep you posted.

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