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stuff_dec_2016_90dpiIt’s finally here – the December 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine has hit shelves, much to the delight of people everywhere who have been filling up our inboxes, social media feeds and tying up our phone lines asking when they could get their hands/eyes on it. We reckon that the WeChat Wallet discounts for this month might have a little something to do with that so… let’s not start with those.

hero5-black-rearWhat we will begin with is the fact that this is Stuff‘s festive season issue, meaning we’ve got a selection of some of the best gift ideas for the tech geek, freak or plain old nutcase. We’ve run the gauntlet from the under-R500 price point to gifts that will cost more than R10,000. Considerably more than R10,000, in some cases. If you can afford some of those, we’re coming to your house this Christmas, okay?

PSVRWe’ve also gone hands-on with the PlayStation VR, which is due to launch in South Africa early next year. So… perhaps store up some of that year-end money so you can get your hands on Sony’s living-room virtual reality gear. It’s not just the hardware that we’ve spent some time mucking around with, either. We’ve also explored a few of the PlayStation VR’s launch titles. Long story short: You’re going to want a larger entertainment area.

apple-watch-tips-exploreIf it’s something a little cheaper (but not wholly free) you’re after, then don’t forget to check out our Instant Upgrades section. This month we tell you just which extra bits (straps, software, and accessories) you need to turn your Apple Watch into the wearable it was meant to be.

mavic-pro-headAnd then there’s our annual Wish List, which plays host to a selection of some of the best in tech for your approval. Some of the best in tech for 2016, that is. None of these lists stays current for very long, but this one is going to be current for long enough for you to wrap up your end-of-year shopping. Phones, TVs, headphones, wearables, drones, we’ve looked at the lot.

Stuff-WeChat-IncredibleAnd then there’s the 900-pound gorilla in the corner — the WeChat Wallet offers for December 2016. We’ve got a solid (but limited) roster for you all this month. We’ve got the 32GB iPhone 7, the GoPro Hero5 Black Edition, the 13in MacBook Air, Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 3, the iPad Air 2, the Xbox One (with Fifa 17 and an extra controller), the 4th gen Apple TV, and the HP Pavilion X360 all at up to 50% off the recommended retail price. But you’re going to have to hurry, because they’re going to go fast. 

And there’s more. Of course there’s more. But if you want to find out what it is, you’re going to have to get the December 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine. In stores everywhere, though there might be a few sold-outs by the end of the day. 


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