Coca-Cola has a selfie-taking bottle – because we really needed one of those


Before you go on that ‘social media is ruining humanity’ diatribe (they are fun, aren’t they?), yes, Coca-Cola has gone and made a bottle that will capture selfies. But before your head explodes, it’s a very limited promotional item that was created for Coca-Cola Israel by an ad agency, as part of the company’s Summer Love outdoor event.

The selfie-taking bottle is an actual device, a footer that fits onto a 500ml Coke bottle — what we call a Buddy Coke here in South Africa. It automatically snaps a photograph when it detects a 70-degree tilt, which is what you get when you’re planning on demolishing an entire bottle with a few thirsty swallows. The images are captured by the camera and can be transferred off the red footer via USB. The idea was that users at the event would use it to capture images (of themselves, drinking Coke) and post them on various social media sites.

So… no, you’re not going to find this in stores any time soon. The camera probably doesn’t like fridges all that much as it is. It is refreshing to see that Coca-Cola is venturing out in strange and tech-y ways of late. They also had a flirtation with cardboard VR headsets near the beginning of this year.

Source: via TechCrunch


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