Light Start – Star Wars: Rogue One, Valerian, Lego BMW R 1200 GS, and Project Wight


Star Wars: Rogue One’s new trailer will have you ready for December in under 2 minutes

Vader is back in the upcoming Star Wars release for 2016. Star Wars: Rogue One goes live on 16 December pretty much everywhere so now is about the time that the Disney marketing machine ramps up its effectiveness. And in the international trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One (called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in some markets) is just the beginning. In it we see a young Jyn Erso and her family as well as some of the later, shootier stages of the upcoming film. Erso is, mostly, a member of the Rebellion but she also really wants to find her father. When he turns up after being missing, it seems he has been instrumental in the creation of the Death Star. Yeah, we’re going to have to see this one in theatres as soon as it launches.

Source: The Verge

Find more sci-fi in the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets teaser trailer

Yes, this is very definitely a science fiction film made by Luc Besson. The Fifth Element? No? If you haven’t seen that one, go and educate yourself immediately and then get back here and watch the trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. To be honest, we haven’t got the slightest idea what is going on but that’s because we’re not familiar with the original graphic novel that this film is based on. We’re choosing to believe that this is a Fifth Element anthology sequel, though. And we’re probably not really that far off. Expect to see the film in theatres from July 2017.

Source: Europa (YouTube)

Get your Lego on with the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Technics setup

lego-bmwIt’s relatively easy to make a car out of Lego, and that’s without resorting to one of the many, many themed sets available. Lego’s first motorcycle set is on the way, though, and it’s a good one. The Technics BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is going to be hitting the market early next year, though with a slight delay before sets become available for Lego fanatics in SA, but when it lands… this 603-piece scale model of BMW’s on-off road bike is going to be a thrill for builders. BMW was involved in the creation of the set and that means that the front suspension, a moving cylinder engine (a basic one, we assume), the shaft drive and colour choices have remained accurate. That’s a lot of detail for a teeny tiny motorcycle replica. Pricing? Er… no, not yet.

Source: Jalopnik

Project Wight is basically Beowulf, with players taking the role of Grendel 

We’re used to fighting monsters in games. We’re not quite so used to being monsters, unless humans are the monsters all along. But an upcoming game, know as Project Wight, being made by some of the folks who used to work on Battlefield 3 is going to be offering players a chance to experience life from the other side. In it, players will take on the role of a creature during the Viking era. A monstrous creature. They’re being hunted and killed by people and… well, we’ll see. Developers The Outsiders are likely going to be teasing the PC (and possibly console) version for a while, though. There’s no release date yet but we do know that it’s not going to be launched in 2017. Looks spectacular, though.

Source: The Outsiders


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