Get ready for a bloodbath with Dishonored 2’s launch trailer


A sequel to one of the best stealth-steampunk-revenge games in recent years drops tomorrow. Dishonored 2 will be hitting stores on 11 November but if you were one of those pre-order folks, you’re going to be taking the role of Corvo or Emily Kaldwen from today. To celebrate, Bethesda and Arkane Studios have released the official release trailer for the game a little early.

In this final Dishonored 2 trailer we see the Outsider goading the dethroned Empress Emily Kaldwen on, asking her just how far she is prepared to go to reclaim her empire and her subjects (as well as her turned-to-stone father). In the trailer, at least, she’s gone for the rapid and violent approach to the throne, a pathway that promises to be the more entertaining of the two but which will also carry consequences with it. You can only kill so many of the people you will rule before they start to take exception.

Odds are that players who opt to play as Corvo will find Emily doing a statue impersonation and be offered the same choice as the young, revenge-bent young lady we see here. If you keep up, you’ll see a whole mess of blade, pistol and supernatural methods of taking lives, from killing linked enemies in a group to infesting them with insects and watching them squirm. Looks like our weekend’s going to be a fast and bloody one. Or we could, you know, stick to the shadows.

Source: Bethesda


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