The Sega Genesis has gone back into production


Sega’s Genesis (or the MegaDrive, if you’re a certain type of gamer) is coming back almost thirty years after first launching. It’s going into production, with Sega’s blessing, in Brazil, a country that is still rather fond of older gaming hardware.

sega-genesisThe cartridge-taking console was first launched in 1989 (yeah, it’s that old) and the new version will be arriving some time in 2017. The new version, called the Mega Drive Limited Edition, will be produced and distributed in Brazil by a company called TecToy, an outfit which has previously made Sega consoles (back when they were the new thing on the market).

The TecToy-made MegaDrive (which we still call the Genesis, for some reason) will feature an original look and it’ll even support old cartridges and controllers, if buyers happen to have any tucked away, but it’ll also feature A/V cable support and space for an SD card. Sadly, the reissued console won’t support HDMI.

As far as pricing goes, it’ll sell in Brazil for the local equivalent of about R1,700. Which… is a lot of money but folks in that country are still getting their pre-orders in.

It is possible, if you look hard enough, to get your hands on a Sega-sanctioned MegaDrive update with a selection of games in South Africa (and it’s cheaper) but it’s not quite the same as a nearly three-decade-old console going back into production.

Source: CNET


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