Light Start – A new Inspire, pop-up SPUD, Wonder Woman, and Pokémon Go tweaks


DJI’s newest Inspire could be taking off on 15 November

djiphantom4cSet your calendars and your watches, drone enthusiasts. DJI’s newest Inspire drone is just around the corner, according to reports, as the company has an event set for 15 November. The tagline for the Los Angeles event is ‘Control/Create’ and suggests that DJI’s Inspire 2 drone is going to be making an appearance. The Inspire first launched in 2014 so we’re overdue a sequel. Speaking of sequels… since the Inspire drone is so loved by cinematic types, it’s fitting that it’ll make its first appearance in the city that contains Hollywood. What we don’t know is what the Inspire 2 (just guessing…) will contain but some of the Phantom lineup’s niftier features are extremely likely. We’ll be keeping eyes on the event as it happens

Source: TechCrunch

This is one SPUD you won’t want to bury in the back yard

spudThe thing that you can see here that looks a little like an umbrella is a device that is known as the SPUD. Its long-form title is the Spontaneous Pop-Up Display and it’s a Kickstarter project that wants to bring portable displays to your laptop bag. No, really, the SPUD is a 24-inch expandable display that… looks surprisingly functional. And it’s completely funded, having scooped up just under $230,000 so far (they were looking for $33,000 and there’s still way more than a month to go). Still, what you are going to wind up paying for this portable screen is going to be the biggest hurdle. The Early Bird Kickstarter offer has the  SPUD priced at just over R5,000 and the retail versions are going to be even more costly.

Source: KickStarter

Wonder Woman is here to save the world from itself in Diana’s newest trailer

The last few movies in the DC comics franchise have not been… great. Batman vs. Superman was a touch messy, Suicide Squad was changed up at the last minute and the upcoming Wonder Woman… looks like the best of the lot. The latest trailer makes it clear that we’re looking at an origin story, with Wonder Woman’s (Gal Godot) voice-over sounding like she’s telling a tale from her past. Diana of Themyscira is recalling her World War One-era adventures in saving the world, by the look of things. And, also by the look of things, this film is going to be a blast to watch. Sadly, there’s going to be a bit of a wait. Wonder Woman will only be launching in June 2017. Colour us keen already.

Source: Warner Bros.

Pokémon Go fans will find few Zubats in their vicinity (and other changes)

Pokemon Go lure modulePokémon Go players know one thing very well (at least, if they play the game in the vicinity of the Stuff offices) and that is how many freaking Zubats there are out there. Must be all the Johannesburg mines. But that’s all changing, according to the game’s official Twitter account. Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat numbers are going down and they’re going to be replaced by… something else. And players will also find that some of the more common Pokémon types are going to be removed from eggs. At least you’re not going to hatch Pidgey and Rattata any long. Plus, if you’ve been putting in extra steps, you’re going to be getting Eevee from 5km eggs as well.

Source: Polygon


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