Take a UHD tour through the International Space Station with NASA


So you have a 4K screen squirrelled away at home somewhere? And you happen to be extremely interested in the world of space travel? If you have a massive internet connection as well then we have something that might interest you: a floating tour of the International Space Station interior — filmed in glorious UHD.

As you’ll see right off the bat, the video features views of home (meaning Earth) on several occasions throughout the almost 20 minutes of video. That’s the sort of view that International Space Station residents get to wake up to… whenever they wake up.

Of course you don’t have to watch it in 4K but there’s no other way to properly experience this tour. Along with the video, there are small tickers explaining some of the functions and features of the International Space Station that kind of remind us of… MTV? Except for the music, that is.

The tour is accompanied by relaxed music and a clear look at the ISS as the video progresses. The space station looks a lot messier than we would have imagined, at least as far as cabling goes, and about as complicated to work in as performing brain surgery using the controls of a Boeing 747. But it all happens in space so we’d expect there are loads of people out there who would jump at the chance of seeing the ISS in person.

Source: NASA


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