Nintendo Switch’s display is a 6.2-inch 720P touchscreen – report


We know an awful lot about the Nintendo Switch console. We know that it will arrive in March next year, we know that at least one of the hardware versions will ship with two detachable Joy-Con controllers for on-the-go mobile gaming. We also know that the Nintendo Switch will have a dock that will turn it into a standard at-home console if you’re not taking it out on the road. What we didn’t know is whether Ninty was going to make that display a touchscreen or not.

nintendo-switch-headWe also didn’t know what size the Nintendo Switch’s display would be but those two points have been cleared up, if a report from gaming website Eurogamer is on the ball.

The report claims that the Switch will arrive bearing a 6.2-inch display and that Nintendo will be going the whole hog and making it a touchscreen. But not just any touchscreen. It’ll be a 10-point capacitive multi-touch screen, an upgrade on the older screens seen in the 3DS (for the second screen) and the Wii U (with the bundled controller). It’ll be closer to your smartphone screen, is what we’re trying to say.

The information comes by way of an anonymous source that has previous provided the outlet with accurate information about the Nintendo Switch, as well as other sources that have confirmed the screen’s dimensions and functionality.

Just how Nintendo plans to use such a display, assuming the report is accurate, can only be speculated on. The company hasn’t made any noise regarding a touchscreen at all and has also declined comment on the report. We can think of at least one use for it, though — multiplayer touchscreen games on the 6.2-inch display. That would… sort of work, right?

Source: Eurogamer


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