Samsung still in the dark concerning cause of Note 7 ignitions


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 handsets started going up in smoke in September this year, followed shortly by a product recall that saw the company retract some 2.5 million smartphones. The recall was followed by the smartphone going on sale again and then the problem reared its head again.

If you were not aware of this then hopefully you’ve been enjoying your time under your rock. But the second recall, which followed fresh reports of battery-modified Note 7 phones self-igniting, pointed towards Samsung’s problem originating somewhere other than the battery. The trouble is… Samsung still doesn’t know what the cause of the flammable phones is.

It is thought that Samsung incorrectly diagnosed the problem as being with their batteries, a mistake that cost them the Galaxy Note 7 this year. In their rush to correct matters and compete with Apple’s newest smartphones they missed the actual cause, which remains a mystery. It definitely doesn’t seem to be the battery itself, however.

The Wall Street Journal claims that “Outside experts have pointed to a range of possible culprits, from the software that manages how the battery interacts with other smartphone components to the design of the entire circuit. Engineers are also looking into the possibility that the battery case may have been too small to house a battery of that capacity, according to one Samsung mobile executive.”

Source: via SamMobile


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