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stuff_nov_2016_90dpiIn the November 2016 edition of Stuff Magazine, it’s all about them apples. Not the Good Will Hunting kind, either. Rather it’s about the smart and stylish new iPhone 7 and its retinue of followers. Witness the iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 2, the revamped Apple Watch Series 1, and, yes, the all-new AirPods from Apple. We’ve gone and tested all of that, and more, in the November 2016 Stuff

iOS 9 App Switcher 2But wait, there’s more! There’s always more, because one product (or even one set of them) does not a humorous and sometimes sarcastic magazine make. So we’ve gone and searched out apps. A whole lot of apps. More than 100 of them, in fact, and the crazy thing is… they’re all free. For a given value of ‘free’ of course but even those with IAPs (in-app purchases) are pretty darned free.

playstation-4-proWe may have also gotten our hands on the PlayStation 4 Pro, which will be hitting South Africa very soon. Is 4K gaming all it’s cracked up to be? Do you need to finally splurge on that oversized TV that will cost you several month’s worth of rent? Are we heading into a new console war? And what games should you play on your Pro? All these questions are answered in the November 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine. Well, maybe not the console wars one. But you get the idea.

Xperia XZ blueRemember how the Sony Xperia Z was going away? Turns out that was only half-right, as the Xperia XZ has landed and we’ve spent some time with it. Enough to tell you whether you should get excited about this all-new Sony handset lineup? Not just yet but the early signs are looking extremely promising. Watch this space to find out more.

Stuff-WeChat-IncredibleAnd then there’s our WeChat and Incredible Connection WeChat Wallet promotion and have we got a crop of items for you. That’s not a question. The highlights are an Apple MacBook Pro, a Sony PlayStation 4 1TB (with extra controllers) and a Huawei P9 Lite but you’re going to have to be fast off the mark — numbers are limited. We’ve also brought back the Acer 15in notebook, the Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB, and we have the Jabra Sport Coach headphones going at a discount as well. Get your November 2016 Stuff Magazine quickly because they’re all going fast.

Want more? Of course you do. And we have it. Game tests, speaker tests, headphone test, blood tests… wait, not that last one… as well as more tech that you can afford in a single lifetime. Well, some of you might be able to afford every single item in the current issue and to you we say… can we come stay at your place for a weekend? 


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