Light Start – More Tesla, The Grand Tour, Gorillaz and Jaguar, and Theme Hospital


Tesla has two new product events taking place this month

Elon Musk Light StartSay what you like about Tesla, the company makes good cars. And its product events have tended to be impressive showcases of the tech that they have in store, which is why October is suddenly a lot more exciting. Tesla will be holding two new product events, according to Elon Musk, with the first taking place on 17 October. The second will kick off on 28 October and will be a joint Tesla and Solar City announcement. Just what is coming is… murky, at least for the first event, but speculation is that a cheaper Tesla will be showing up. The later event, though… that’s likely a new solar roof as well as a Tesla PowerWall 2.0 which will come fitted with a new Tesla charger. That’s based on words from the man himself, so we can be reasonably certain that we’re going to see new home batteries this month.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter)

This is the trailer for Clarkson’s The Grand Tour and… wait, is that a tank?

Jeremy Clarkson and those other two have found a new home with Amazon and the resulting show, The Grand Tour, has kept a lot of people waiting. Especially since Top Gear has kept going, for some reason. Well, it’s almost here and the antics and banter and generalised madness look to be firmly in place. There are cranes, some drifting, crowds of unexpected people and an actual tank in the preview trailer, which quite frankly has made us mark our calendars. The series kicks off from 18 November this year. We… might need an Amazon Prime subscription now.

Source: The Grand Tour (YouTube)

Jaguar Racing appoints Noodle (from the Gorillaz) as their new global ambassador (yes, really)

Okay, now we might have seen everything. Jaguar, who as a company have a reputation of making sports cars for a certain kind of driver (think: older and can afford the prices that go with the face-melting performance), have appointed a new global ambassador for their racing division. And it’s Noodle, from Gorillaz. You know, the band? And Noodle, a fictional Japanese girl, is now the global face of their on-track ambitions. The idea is that Noodle “…will help to inspire the next generation of young engineers be a part of the biggest change the car industry has ever seen.” Honestly, we’ve heard far, far worse ideas.

Source: Jaguar (YouTube)

Theme Hospital is now free on PC (for a limited time only, of course)

on-the-houseHow old are you, really? Old enough to remember Theme Hospital, the medial management title that issued forth from Bullfrog Productions in 1997? Well then you’re in luck because you’ve got a chance to play it again, legally and free-of-charge. Electronic Arts has made the game available to South Africa as part of their On The House promotion, which periodically gives games to Origin subscribers for no particular reason. You just need an Origin account and need to redeem the game (at the link below) before the promotion ends. Sadly, we’re missing out on what Europe is getting from EA’s On The House promotion at the moment. It’s also a Bullfrog title but it’s the stellar Dungeon Keeper, which involves a lot more slapping and a lot less curing people. Still, let’s get those scalpels sharpened, eh?

Source: EA Origin South Africa


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