Images of HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch have leaked


We’ve been expecting HTC to release a smartwatch for some time, with speculation of an HTC-made wearable stretching as far back as 2013. But then, that was supposed to launch some time in 2014 so we think they missed the deadline. But HTC is still thought to be working on a smartwatch and images of a recent device have leaked.

htc-android-wear-2The images, which popped up on social networking site Weibo, were though to be of a device that was previously just a rumour. Codenamed ‘Halfbeak’ (seriously, who comes up with these things and how do we sign up?), the Android Wear watch looked to be a joint effort with Under Armor (their logo can be seen on the top image) and would have been very fitness focused. Because Under Armor doesn’t do anything but fitness gear.

Don’t go getting too excited by this one, though. While the round design and expected fitness features would have been a fine thing, this is an old design that never quite came to fruition. So we don’t even have a way to speculate about when the evolution of this design will be making it to market.

It’s entirely possible that HTC is still working on a smartwatch but the model above has been retired. At least they’re casting their eyes in the direction of round designs for any smartwatch hardware the company is considering. Now if they would just release one of them…

Source: via Engadget


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