Pokémon GO is now officially available for South African gamers


Pokémon GO has had some of the shine taken off of it from the original high of massive numbers of players roaming around the parks and other sights in cities around the world. Which means that it must be time for South Africa to officially get access to the game.

That’s right, Niantic has finally made its augmented reality Pokémon-catching simulation available to South African games, whether you’re entrenching in the Android camp or bonking off the sides of Apple’s walled garden. It’s only been about three months of waiting and the servers are working now, which is cool.

Don’t go feeling too special about the already quite-updated Pokémon GO launch in this country, however. Niantic has also launched the game in 30 other countries — most of which are based in the African continent. The rest are just really close to the coast. Looking at you, Seychelles.

Those who are just diving into the world of Pokémon GO might find that the addiction takes hold fast. For those people, it’ll be worth checking out our Pokémon GO Plus review. The wearable device makes hatching eggs a lot simpler, to start, and you’re also a button-press away from possibly nabbing a new monster. Or a collection of gear from a Pokéstop.

If you’d like some official Pokémon GO on your phone, having sat out the whole downloading-an-APK thing, then you can get your download on at Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. We’ll see you on the road. And in parks. And in shopping centres. Preferably during the day, until a few Legendaries start spawning, anyway.


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