Keen to play CoD: MW Remastered? You’re going to need the Infinite Warfare disc


If you were on the fence about getting Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare around launch day because you were hoping that MW Remastered would be launching as a standalone, you might want to get your pre-order in. Or cancel it, depending on how much this upsets you.

MW RemasteredPlayers who are keen on CoD: MW Remastered are going to have a bit of a time on their hands. You see, in order to get the game running you’re going to need the keep the CoD: Infinite Warfare disc in the drive. Oh, and an active internet connection. Well, bugger.

The disc requirement makes a sort of sense for the Xbox One version of the game since the majority of Modern Warfare Remastered‘s files will be on the disc. PlayStation 4 players will have to download the entire game, using a voucher that comes with Infinite Warfare, but will still need the IW disc and an internet connection to play. That… makes slightly less sense.

PC players are not going to be safe either. If you’re going to be playing Infinite Warfare or MW Remastered, you’re going to need an internet connection. Even for the single-player, by the sound of it.

The disc restriction for consoles is something that we can understand, even if we don’t like it. But Activision’s FAQ seems to indicate that you’re not even going to be able to play the single-player campaigns unless your console (or PC) is connected to the internet. For some gamers, especially here in South Africa, that might be an intolerable and intrusive restriction.

Source: Activision


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