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13 October is the international date set for the launch of the PlayStation VR headset and it’s a launch that we’ve been looking forward to. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are fine pieces of tech but the PlayStation VR stands the greatest chance of mass adoption — the only requirement is a PlayStation 4 console, PS Move controllers, and a PlayStation Eye camera rather than a high-end gaming PC and a whole mess of drivers.

Ahead of the pending launch, Sony has decided to show off just what prospective buyers can find inside their package on launch day. The setup is quite comprehensive, though it’s lacking the PlayStation Move controllers and the Eye camera required to get the headset functioning. You’re supposed to supply those bits yourself.

The headset and the processing unit are the most important bits of the PlayStation VR Core Bundle but the company isn’t skimping on the cabling that you need, at least. Nothing worse than having to buy a last-minute HDMI cable, after all. Oh, yes, and then there’s the demo disc which will probably be instrumental in emptying your wallet even further once you’ve picked up the PlayStation VR.

Now, as far as a South African launch goes, we’re in the dark a little. It’s probably only going to arrive in SA in early 2017 but it’s on track to appear at this month’s rAge event at The Dome in Johannesburg, which is taking place from 7 October. We should be getting some hands-on time there, so we’ll be sure to let you know just what it is we’re going to be missing for the next few months.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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