Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is now officially on-sale again


How long does it take to completely shut down and then restart a tech product line? Samsung, with their recall of the Galaxy Note 7, seems to have done the whole thing in about a month.

That’s right, Samsung has taken 30 days (give or take) to go from issuing a global recall to putting their Galaxy Note 7 handset back on sale. The company has announced that the Note 7 is now officially back on sale. The first new and improved handsets hit South Korea over the weekend, on 1 October, “…and [the rollout]will follow suit in markets worldwide in the coming weeks.”

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall, which came about due to spontaneous battery ignitions (thanks to problems with the casing design), has been tough on the company. On the upside, the recall program has swapped out more than 1 million handsets since the recall began, according to Samsung. The company has rolled out a software update that should mitigate possible issues until those who haven’t yet participated in the ‘voluntary’ recall get themselves in gear and get a replacement phone.

They still have a ways to go. Though Samsung has replaced more than 1 million phones, there’s still another 1.5 million or so that will have to be swapped before their work is done. Still, if Samsung can turn events around in 30 days, that bodes well for the rest of the recall.

Source: Samsung, SamMobile


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