Get a move on and you might win a Moov Now this October


Everybody is making a fitness tracker these days. Fitness gear makers are getting in on the act (witness Apple and Nike’s little get-together) but if you want to be assured of some impressive tech, you should be looking at some… unconventional names. Like Moov, which does not in fact make sport-gear for bovines. The Moov Now (try saying that without sounding like a cow attempting to use voice search on an Android) is one of the best fitness trackers you’re ever going to see. Wear. Whatever.

moov-now-rowBut you won’t be using a display to see any of your tracking metrics. The Moov Now is far too cool for that. Instead, you’re going to wear this space-age device on your wrist and interpret the sequence of lights that it shows, like a good little alien. (Or you could use the app, we guess.) And, if you’re a good little alien (who enters this giveaway) then you might be the person walking away with one brand-new Moov Now of their very own.

Features and Benefits of Moov Now:

  • Unparalleled battery life: Moov Now substitutes rechargeable batteries with a replaceable battery that lasts between six and nine months. 

  • Fully Waterproof: Up to 30 meters
  • Affordable: Moov Now retails at R1 199, making advanced coaching more accessible 

  • Customizable: Instead of just black and white, Moov Now is available in 4 colors: Aqua Blue, Blizzard White, Fusion Red and Stealth Black.

Got that? Good, now just click through to the Terms and Conditions and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts & Cs. Since you’re probably not going to read them anyway we may have made a few… modifications. Most of your internal organs are safe for now but we may require some DNA. For… reasons. But the winner will be announced on 28 October, which makes up for the large needle we have sitting here with your name on it. Now enter at the form below.


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