Light Start – BMW scooter, mini Famicom, Vivofit Jr, and CoD: MW Remastered


Yes, we would ride BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter. In public, too

c-evolution-light-startNormally we’re not fond of scooters. Not even the retro little Italian jobs that are so popular in Cape Town and other places that hipsters are magnetically attracted to. But we’ll make an exception for BMW’s C Evolution electric scooter. Such a shame that it’s launching in the United States. And we don’t have the infrastructure for electric vehicles. The C Evolution has a top speed of about 125km/h, thanks to its 26HP motor (which can peak at 48HP). It’ll make about 160km on a charge, which really isn’t bad for a dinky little scoot. Pricing for the C Evolution hasn’t been shared yet but if BMW would like to install some charging stations in SA, we’ll take one.

Source: The Verge

Want some serious gaming nostalgia in the palm of your hand? Japan’s Famicom Mini will take you there

We’ve got the NES Mini coming soon but you might be more interested in Japan’s version – the Famicom Mini. That’s because most South African gamers of a certain age will be more familiar with the Famicom’s form factor. It looks like a certain red Reggies machine… Called the Nintendo Classic Mini: Family Computer, the retro mini console will be arriving with 30 games in tow, including the original Mario Bros., Excite Bike, Balloon Fight, Castlevania, Contra, and a whole lot more. It’s slated for release in Japan (only) on 10 November this year but if you absolutely must have it, it’ll cost you around R850 before shipping and import duties make your wallet sad.

Source: Nintendo Japan (YouTube)

Was bound to happen — Garmin has a Vivofit Jr. coming out for kids

Vivofit JrFitness trackers are everywhere now, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re making them specifically for kids now. At least Garmin is, with the company announcing the Vivofit Jr. which will be targeted at the younger crowd. It does all of your basic tracking functions and definitely looks like a member of the Vivofit family, for sure, but Garmin have made these trackers a little more durable. They’re heavily waterproof (up to 50 metres) and quite bulky. Even so, they seem like they can take a knock. We’re not sure how much you remember about being a kid but… anyway. The batteries for these fitness trackers are also rated for a year’s powered-on time, eliminating one of the biggest problems with them — losing pieces while charging. The Vivofit Jr. has been launched in the States, for $80 (R1,150)

Source: Ars Technica

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is looking better than ever — even though we’ve seen it all before

We’re excited for this year’s annual Call of Duty release, if only because of Modern Warfare Remastered. The number of hours we’ve sunk into that game doesn’t bear thinking about — except that we’re planning on sinking a few more. Why? The launch trailer above, which is a sort of supercut of the most explosive moments of the campaign crammed into a minute and 30 seconds,  should explain that but we’re battling to get over just how good this remaster looks. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will be launching with Infinite Warfare and will include all 16 of the original multiplayer maps. Only 10 will be available at launch however. Wonder if we’re going to get Snow Crash as well…?

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