A MacBook Pro refresh could be scheduled for late October


Hey, you know what’s long overdue? A MacBook Pro update to go along with all of the lovely new phone tech that we’re so taken with this year. Hey, guess what? Apple may have a MacBook Pro update in store for us. Rather soon, too, if reports from MacRumours prove to be accurate.

MacBook ProAccording to the Apple-centric website, new MacBook Pro models are on their way. A few obstacles, like macOS 10.12.1 being finalised, still stand in the way but a timeline of late October — at least for the announcement of the hardware — has been given.

The new MacBook Pro models are rumoured to have some interesting hardware changes. The top row of function keys are reportedly going to be replaced with an OLED strip, something that we’ve already seen (and really didn’t like) in one of Lenovo’s X1 Carbon models. From 2014. Other additions include Touch ID support and a switch to AMD GPUs for some of the higher-end 15-inch MacBook Pro models.

The reason that Apple’s new notebooks are waiting for another macOS beta to conclude is that the company is hoping to have version 10.12.1 and installed on the notebooks prior to shipping. It’s not really something we’ve consider when it comes to hardware delays but Apple’s all about their bright and shiny (and stable) operating systems.

Apple’s MacBook Air and the iMac are also due for a fresh lick of paint and they’re expected to get it before the end of this year. What isn’t known is whether the company will update all three product lines at the same time or if they’ll stagger the updates into the festive season this year. We’ll keep our ears to the ground. If Apple’s up to something, you’ll be the first to know.

Source: MacRumours


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