The Flybrix will let you make your own drone — using Lego


If you want to get Stuff‘s attention then some form of technological Lego set will do the trick. That, or a set of impressive charging cables for just about any device (for some obscure reason). But, sticking with the Lego, how would you feel about a drone that is almost designed to crash? That’s what the Flybrix, a Lego-based custom drone kit, is offering first-time flyers.

Flybrix is actually an awesome concept. First-time drone users are prone to banging them around a bit and that’s not something you want to do with a rigid structure of any kind — especially when the drone body is probably quite costly. But if your drone is made from Lego, which is supplied with the kit, as well as the motors, rotors, wiring, batteries and an Arduino processor (which has been pre-programmed) on a motherboard for control… then a crash isn’t as catastrophic as all that.

Perhaps the best part of the Flybrix setup is that it is expandable. You can increase the rotor count from a quad to an octa-rotor frame, add in your own personal Lego and the motherboard can be expanded on, if you have some robotics chops at your disposal. Theoretically you could make some very advanced hardware. Then again, you could probably do this with a Raspberry Pi and some online shopping but Flybrix is offering the whole lot in a single set. Convenient.

Sets are limited and you’ll be shelling out $150 (R2,050) for the Basic Flybrix kit and $190 (R2,580) for the Deluxe kit, with comes with a flight controller so you don’t need to run the battery on your phone down. But that’s just the introductory special. The full prices, once the introductory special is over, will be $190 (R2,580) and $250 (R3,400) for the Basic and Deluxe kits respectively.

Source: FlyBrix via The Next Web


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