Want a Galaxy Note 7? Look to the end of November


We’ve been waiting for the Galaxy Note 7 to arrive in South Africa but a… ahem… little problem has delayed the handset’s release in this country. Now, we already know that November is the vague date that we can look forward to for a Note 7 release but a statement from Samsung’s European arm has narrowed it down a little.

Note 7So when can you get your hands on one of Samsung’s best (and also most explosive) handsets to date? If you’re working on European dates (and South Africa frequently does) then we’re getting this smartphone closer to December than October. Why? Because Europe is going to be getting its Note 7 fix towards the end of November.

Samsung’s chief marketing officer David Lowes, speaking to Reuters, said “We fully expect (new Note7s) to be available everywhere by the end of November … well before the end of the fourth quarter.” Which puts an early November launch for SA in some doubt.

Even so, South Korea is getting the refreshed and less prone-to-ignition Note 7 on 28 September, with Australia and Singapore joining the party in October this year. Other areas don’t have on-sale dates yet but we can expect most regions to be online before the holiday season kicks off. Samsung wants your Christmas bonus, after all.

Source: Reuters


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